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Engage in the Adventure of Your Lifetime

From idea to implementation, "on the marconsulting" provides a structured, practical process for those at the crossroads of wondering, "What's next?"

If you're like most successful individuals, you are driven to do more. Perhaps there's some long held pursuit you've stepped around, aside, or left behind—something that makes you feel incomplete or unfulfilled, something for which you can never quite find the time.

Professional coach and personal consultant Steven Bacharach's four phase transformative process provides the structure, accountability, and support you need to answer questions such as "Where to from here?" and "How can I make it happen?"

Steven's process applies to virtually any situation, whether you're considering a career alternative or retirement, want to improve your relationships, or are enthusiastic about exploring a new direction.


Four-Phase Transformative Process

  • Phase 1—DISCOVER. What is it that will make you feel most complete—no matter how big or "outside the box" your idea(s) may seem?
  • Phase 2—ARTICULATE. Create a clear picture of what your life will look like once you've achieved your long held desire(s).
  • Phase 3—PLAN. Develop a blueprint for getting it done. This is a fluid process. Often the plan you create feeds new ideas and leads to even greater possibilities.
  • Phase 4—ENGAGE. With your blueprint in place, it's time to take those steps necessary to make your vision an enduring part of your life.

Meet Steven Bacharach


Steven Bacharach, Psy.D., is a clinical psychologist who became a personal coach and consultant to help others get more out of life. Steven teams up with high performing people who want to take charge of the present, enter uncharted waters, and shape their futures. read more


Set Sail


As your coach and confidante, Steven Bacharach holds you accountable to try new directions, learn from your experiences, and explore uncharted waters. read more

Engage In the Adventure of Your Lifetime with Steven Bacharach - transformative consulting and coaching for high performance people

“Unleash your imagination, unleash the possibilities . . .”